I strongly believe my work makes a difference. It boosts confidence. It enhances and refreshes. It also proves that with the right injector, safety and results are never compromised.

I genuinely love what I do. The mix of science and art. My clients. My colleagues. When I’m not doing my nursing thing, my husband and I keep busy with my two toddler boys.

In those rare moments of me-time, you can find me scrolling fashion blogs or pounding pavement.


2020 – Year of the Nurse

This marks my tenth year in nursing, the majority of that in Intensive Care. In addition to a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology.

Anatomy, movement and wellness have always been my priority and passion. My keen interest in plastic surgery became apparent while working with burn patients and facial reconstructions in the ICU at Foothills Medical Centre. My love for anatomy, physiology and arts finally came together.

In 2017, I decided to take the plunge. I completed my basic Neuromodulator training at GMI Practice Solutions and shortly after, my Basic Hyaluronic Acid Filler certification. In my three years working as the Lead Injector at Face Equation, I was able to build upon basic training through advanced certifications with Allergan, Galderma and Prollenium. I am an active member of the CSASN, CAMA and ISPAN. Education is my priority, as you will quickly learn while sitting in my chair. I am so excited for you to follow me on my journey in aesthetics!!


Jessica is our Clinic Director and a Nurse Practitioner of 4 years with a background in Critical Care, palliative care, neurology and cardiology. She has been certified in Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers through The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. Her goal in this industry is to make NINA Aesthetics a safe and informative space for each and every patient with a goal of subtle enhancements.


Aimee has been a skilled registered nurse since 2009, with over three years of injection experience. Aimee completed her neuromodulator and dermal filler course in 2018 and has comprehensive Allergan MD Codes training and assessment skills. Aimee is a caring, positive and professional addition to the NINA Aesthetics Team. When you meet with Aimee you’ll notice her light hearted and kind demeanour.

When Aimee is not at NINA she is with her 3 little ones and keeps very busy in her mama role.

She is excited to meet and work with you to achieve your goals and enhance your natural beauty!


Heather is a Registered Nurse certified in neurotoxins and dermal fillers through the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics. When she’s not in the clinic you can find her taking care of the tiny humans in NICU, spending time with her puppy or dabbling in the culinary delights throughout Calgary.

My goal for my career is to give natural results that help enhance your natural beauty and have you leaving our clinic feeling like your best self! I can’t wait to get to know you!


Is there a difference between Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers?

Yes, there is 100% a difference between Neuromodulators (i.e. Botox and Dysport) and Dermal Fillers! Neuromodulators stop the small muscles in your face from making the movements that cause wrinkles, while Dermal Fillers add/replace volume to areas such as lips, under eyes, cheeks, chin, jaw, temples, nasolabial folds.

Dermal Filler is often used in combination with Neuromodulators to enhance the overall youthful appearance and target areas that Neuromodulators cannot be used.

What is the right age to start getting Neuromodulators and Dermal Filler?

Some clients like to start as young as 25 for preventative measures, however most clients are in their 30’s and older. Our collagen starts to break down after the age of 35. Most people notice that their lines at this age start to become more defined and may appear even when they are not showing expression.

What can I expect in a consultation?

Neuromodulators are a prescription-only medication and should only be prescribed following a face-to-face consultation with a medical professional who holds the relevant prescribing qualification. At your consultation appointment, you’ll be asked to share the details of your medical history, to ensure Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers are a safe treatment option for you.

You will be asked to smile, frown, squint and raise your eyebrows. These expressions show how your face naturally move and helps us determine the dose for each muscle. The key with all treatments is to be subtle, and to enhance your natural beauty with careful and considered treatment.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or plan to become pregnant, please indicate this in the initial consultation. Neuromodulators are not recommended for pregnant women.

Nicole will develop an individual treatment program that works for your skin concerns and your budget.

What does an Injectable treatment feel like and what should I expect post treatment?

No anesthesia is required, however we may numb the area with a cold pack or topical anesthetic cream prior to injecting. To provide further relief and alleviate as much pain as possible, our Dermal Fillers contain a pre-mixed local anaesthetic. Nicole also uses distraction techniques such as vibrational anesthesia.

The treatment is simple and straight-forward, involving a few tiny injections directly into the skin. Make-up should be avoided for 4 hours after dermal fillers, but is generally safe 1 hours after a Neuromodulator treatment.

Please read our Pre & Post Care Instructions on how to prepare for your visit.

How long do results typically last?

Neuromodulator treatments usually take 10-15 minutes and the results last 3 to 4 months. You can see the effects of Neuromodulators as early as 3 to 4 days after an injection, but you should wait the full 14 days to see the maximum results. Those individuals who are extremely active may metabolize Neuromodulators around 2 months.

Dermal Filler treatments may take between 30-45 minutes depending on the area(s) treated and results can be seen immediately. It will take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for the product to completely integrate into the tissue. Optimal results can be maintained over a long period of time through regular repeated treatments. The procedure varies from person to person depending on your requirements and the severity of the wrinkles that are being treated, in addition to the particular dermal filler being administered.

Are Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers safe?

Yes. We use only products with proven safety record and approved by Health Canada. However, these are medical procedures with small risk. Nicole will ensure your safety and educate you prior to any treatment.

Dermal Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance which occurs naturally in the cells of the skin, thus there is extremely low risk of allergic reaction. The brands of dermal fillers we use are available in more than 90 countries and have been used as an injectable cosmetic treatment for more than two decades with an excellent safety record.